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Labs Unreal Groom Export 1.0 geometry node

Exports hair to Unreal Engine.

This node converts hair to alembic primitives suitable for import into Unreal Engine. The output format matches the specification described here: Alembic for Grooms Specification



Output Groups

Output group identifiers.

Group Identifier

The type of group identifier to output. UE4 only supports IDs. UE5 adds support for named groups corresponding to group IDs.

Group ID

Output a basic integer id. Note that Unreal Engine simply creates a group for each unique value found and numbers them starting at 0. Whether you have group 0, 1, 2 or 1000, 2000, 3000 in Houdini - in Unreal engine you’ll get 0, 1, 2 regardless.

Group Name (UE5)

Output custom-named groups. Only supported starting with UE5. Select this option if you have group names but do not have group IDs. This option will automatically generate group IDs from the name attribute.

Group ID Attribute

The houdini attribute to use as the integer group id.

Group Name Attribute

The houdini attribute to use as the group name.


Output Color

Output a color attribute

Color Attribute

The name of the color attribute to use.

Output Guide IDs

Output IDs

Output per-hair ids.

From Attribute

Use an attribute for per-hair ids. When this is disabled, the primitive number is used as the id.

ID Attribute

The houdini attribute to use for per-hair ids.

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