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Unpack Points geometry node

Unpacks points from packed primitives.

Since 14.5

This SOP takes packed primitives in the input and unpacks the points inside of them.

It will limit the unpacking to those primitives that overlap the region of interest. If a second input is given, the axis aligned bounding box of that input is used, unless the first primitive is a volume.

If the first primitive of the second input is a volume, that volume’s bounds are used as region of interest. This allows camera frustum ROI to be easily setup with the Volume SOP.

This SOP will not pass through any primitives.



Subset of input geometry to unpack.

Cull Per Point

If set, the points extracted from the packed primitives will be culled by the region of interest, giving smooth edges but at a performance penalty. If not set, each primitive is all-or-nothing unpacked.

Cull to Box

If set, only primitives within the specified bounding box are unpacked. If both a second input and a box is specified, only primitives in both regions will be unpacked.


Size of the box along xyz axes.


Position of center of box.

Uniform Scale

Uniform scaling.

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