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Merge Packed geometry node

Merges and names geometry from its inputs.

Since 19.0

This node packs each of its inputs and merges them together. Each input will get its own name parameter, and the output primitives will have a name attribute storing these values. This allows you to merge your geometry into a single stream, while keeping a name to differentiate between the input geometries.

The Character Blend Shapes Add SOP accepts this packed and named format to easily add many blendshapes at once.


Name Primitive Attribute

The attribute to write the names to.

Index Primitive Attribute

The attribute to write the index of each of the inputs to.

Name Override Attribute

When turned on, attempts to override the name parameter with the value of an attribute within each input. It first checks for a matching detail attribute. If not found, it will use the first value of the matching primitive attribute. If also not found, it will fall back to using the name parameter.

Pivot Location

Specifies how to initialize the offset for the point referenced by the packed primitive.

Pack Output

When turned on, packs the inputs. When turned off, performs a standard merge, setting the names of all the primitives within each input.

Only Pack Unpacked

When turned on and an input consists of a single packed primitive, copies the packed primitive directly instead of adding an extra level of packing.

Ignore Empty Inputs

When turned on, skips empty inputs instead of outputting packed primitives for them.

Naming Method

Specifies whether newly connected inputs should be named with the node names or the node paths.

Reload Node Names

Erases any changes you have made to the names and resets them to the names/paths of the input nodes.

Single Input Index

Only output the input given by this index, ignoring the rest.


Specify a name for each input. A Name parameter is created for each input.

The icon menu beside the Name parameter specifies whether to treat the packed primitive as a folder or element. If the Add as Folder option is selected, the packed primitive’s treatasfolder primitive intrinsic is set to 1. If the Add as Element option is selected, the packed primitive’s treatasfolder primitive intrinsic is set to 0.

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