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Character Pack geometry node

Creates a packed geometry primitive from a rest geometry, skeleton, and animation inputs.

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Since 18.5

This SOP packs a character from 3 geometry inputs.


Rest Geometry

The character’s rest geometry.

Typically, this will contain polygons with the boneCapture point capture attribute, which can be deformed using the Joint Deform SOP.

Capture Pose

The character’s capture pose.

Each joint in the skeleton is represented by a point, where the P and transform (matrix3) attributes contain the joint’s transform. The point’s name attribute contains the joint’s name, and is matched up with the capture paths in the rest geometry’s boneCapture attribute when deforming the skin. The skeleton’s hierarchy is represented by two-point polygons between the points for each child joint and its parent.

Animated Pose

The character’s animated pose, which is represented in the same manner as the Capture Pose.


A Packed geometry representing the packed character.

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