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Muscle Mirror geometry node

Duplicates muscle geometry with symmetry. Muscle attributes are also copied/renamed with symmetry.

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Since 19.0

This node duplicates the muscle geometry for one half of a symmetrical model. When it creates the muscle geometry for the other side of your model, it also creates mirrored proper muscle_ids for those muscles.



From Prefix

Specifies the name prefix that is used for the muscle_id value. For example, this parameter value would be L_ if your muscles were names are L_gastronemius, or L_oblique, and so on.

To Prefix

Specifies the name prefix that will replace the From Prefix in all of the automatically generated muscle geometry. For example, if the parameter value for From Prefix is L_, then your To Prefix parameter value should be R_ for R_gastronemius, or R_oblique, and so on.

Mirror Plane


XYZ position of the mirror plane relative to the origin of the muscles.


Distance offset of the mirror plane from the Origin.


Across which plane (X, Y, or Z) to mirror the muscles. Also determines the normal direction of the mirror plane.


Input 1

Solid muscle geometry.


Output 1

Duplicate mirrored muscles with proper muscle_id attributes.

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