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Labs Path Deform geometry node

Deform geometry along a curve.

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Base Settings


Which axis to align along the curve. Eg, the tommy sop has his head pointing up on Y, so the axis to choose is +Y.

Curve Offset

Where to place geometry on the curve. 0 is the start, 1 is the end. Animate this value to move your geo down the curve.

Curve Resolution

Quality of the curve resample used internally. Higher values will deform the geometry more accurately, but can slow performance.

Normal Blur Strength

Softens some of the extreme deformation when the curve is too noisy.

Clip Bottom End

Toggle to clip the geo if it extends before the start of the curve.

Clip Top End

Toggle to clip the geo if it extends beyond the end of the curve.

Collapse Instead of Clip

Toggle to 'crunch' the geo at the ends rather than clip it and change the point count.

Scale Controls

Scale To Curve Length

Stretch the geo along the curve. A value of 1 will make the geo take up the entire length of the curve.


Scale the input geometry perpendicular to the curve.

Scale Ramp

Ramp to control scale along the length of the curve, left side of the ramp represents the start of the curve, right side the end. This value is multiplied against the scale parameter.

Twist Controls


Twist the geometry along the tangent of the curve. Note that more controllable results can be achieved by pre-rotating the input geometry.

Twist Ramp

Ramp to drive twist along the length of the curve.


Input Mesh

The geometry to be deformed.

Input Curve

The curve to drive the deformation.

Banking Curve

An optional curve to drive the @up vector used as the base twist.

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