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A utility tool to initialize a WFC grid to be used with the WFC Solver

The WFC Initialize Grid tool is a convenient way of setting up a grid to be used as the sample or output grid for the WFC Solver node. It sets up the required attributes in the correct way for the solver.

When using this tool to create an output grid or manually set up the values for a sample grid, the constraint multiparm should be used. This allows you to select points and assign a custom value, which might be desired for making tweaks to an imported sample texture. For the output grid this is useful for setting constraints for the solver.

See: WFC Solver


Grid Resolution

From Texture

When turned on, the grid resolution will be automatically calculated based on the specified texture resolution.


The texture to be used for initializing the WFC grid.


The number of rows in your grid.


The number of columns in your grid.



The group string to apply an override value to.


The value to be assigned to the specified selection.

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