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RBD Unpack geometry node

Unpacks an RBD setup into three outputs.

Since 17.0

RBD setups can be packed into a single geometry using an RBD Pack SOP. The RBD Unpack SOP undoes this operation.

If merges have combined multiple simulations, they will be properly collated and merged in the output. The rbd_type string attribute is used to detect this, so should be preserved. The rbd_name string attribute on the packed primitives will be copied into the contents, allowing one to track where the unpacked geometry came from.


Transfer Attributes

Specifies a list of attributes to transfer to the unpacked geometry and proxy geometry.

Transfer Groups

Specifies a list of groups to transfer to the unpacked geometry and proxy geometry.

Update Rest Lengths

If the packed geometry was scaled, the constraints' stored rest lengths will be incorrect after unpacking. This will recompute the constraint geometry’s restlength attributes.

Enforce Unique Name Attribute per Instance

When unpacking multiple merged RBD packed instances, the geometry and constraints' name attributes may result in unwanted duplicates. This appends a “-” and instance number to the name attributes.

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