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Feather Primitive geometry node

Generates feather primitives (Agent primitives with GPU-skinning).



Shaft Segments

The number of segments for the base of the shaft. This determines the level of detail and smoothness of the joint based deformation.

Shaft Barb Segments

The number of segments for the barbed part of the shaft.

Create Barb Joints

Create joints for the barbs, allowing full articulation of the feather.

Barb Segments

Specifies the number of segments in each barb joint.

Joint Names

The name format of shaft joints is shaft{shaft_point_index}.

The name format of barb joints is barb{side}{barb_pair_index}_{barb_point_index}.

With Add Base Name enabled the following string is added at the beginning: {basename}{id}_. Id only appear when Include Feather Id/Primitive Number is also enabled.

Add Base Name

If a name attribute exists on the input feathers, use this as a basename (prefix) separated by an underscore. If a name attribute doesn’t exist, use the Fallback Name.

Fallback Name

The basename to use when a name attribute doesn’t exist.

Include Feather Id/Primitive Number

Append the feather id (or primitive number if no id primitive attribute exists) to the basename.

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