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HeightField Flatten geometry node

Flattens a masked region of a heightfield terrain.

HeightField flatten will replace a masked section of a terrain with a flat area. This can be used to either erase features prior to adding new detail, or flattening footprints of areas to add geometry on top.


Mask Layer

Which layer to use as a mask for where the flattening will occur. Areas with value of 0 will be unaffected and those of 1 will be fully flattened.

Height Layer

Which layer to flatten.

Flatten Method

How to flatten the masked region.

Flatten to Value

Masked areas will be set to the given height. Partially masked areas will blend into ths value.

Flatten to Average Height

In procedural setups you may not know what the correct height to blend to is. This will first compute the average height of the masked area, then flatten to that average height.

Flatten Slopes

The masked area is made as smooth as possible - it is replaced by heights that smoothly interpolate the boundary values. The HeightField Patch SOP is used to perform the flattening.

Mask Blur Radius

The provided mask can be implicitly blurred by this world-space distance to give a softer effect.


What height to flatten to when in Flatten to Value mode.

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