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Labs Biome Profile (Beta) 1.0 geometry node

An interface to change underlying biome parameters and related settings of the Labs Biome system.

The biome settings displayed are saved in an external JSON file, and this interface allows editing of the different biome properties.


The biome tools are in beta and are subject to change based off of feedback, testing, and future development. We encourage our users to let us know of any feedback or bugs they encounter while using these tools.


Biome Profile

Path to the biome profile JSON containing biome data such as names, parameters, etc. This data is set through the Labs Biome Profile node.

Sync Profile Paths

Sets the Biome Profile path on all Biome nodes within this geometry context to the path specified here.

Reload Profile

Reloads biome profile selected in Biome Profile. Reloading before saving any changes will revert parameters back to the saved settings.

Save Profile

Save biome settings to the JSON specified in Biome Profile. This will overwrite the current biome settings JSON. To create a new settings file, the JSON file path must be changed in Biome Profile to a new file name with the .json extension.



Biome name to assign to this specified settings list.

Average Temperature

Average temperature of associated biome (in Celcius).

Average Precipitation

Average precipitation of associated biome per year (in millimeters).

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