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Weight Array Biharmonic geometry node

Fills in index and weight array pairs for points on a mesh using biharmonic functions.

Given a subset of points that have indices & weights defined via a pair of array attributes, this node generates indices & weights for any points that have empty indices & weights arrays. The generated weights will smoothly interpolate the weights of predefined points.



The group of points to compute indices and weights for.

Max Iterations

The maximum number of iterations to run when solving for weights. Using a large number of max iterations will allow the solver to converge to a higher quality solution at the expense of speed. For typical applications like guide curve interpolation, where weights don’t typically need to be very precise, a low number of max iterations often produces suitable results.

Index Attrib

The attribute storing index arrays.

Weight Attrib

The attribute storing weights arrays.


When weights are within this tolerance, the solve is stopped, potentially the maximum number of iterations is reached. This allows you to set Max Iterations to a relatively high number, then specify a desired precision via the tolerance. Lower value means higher precision.



Outputs some diagnostic information during the solve.

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