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Room Map Frame geometry node

Setup geometry for usage with Karma Room Map

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Since 20.0


This node is needed to generate tangentu, tangentv, roomN, roomP attributes to build a local space for projecting interior map on the plane, multiple planes or multiple curved planes to create an room effect with interior using Karma Room Map

Requirements to geo

  • Primitive normals should point towards the camera.

  • The vertices order must be clock-wise.

  • 0 vertex should be in the bottom right corner (otherwise try to Swap Utan/Vtan Vectors).

  • each primitive plane must have 4 vertices.


In case if vertices order is counter-clockwise Invert U and/or Invert V toggles can fix this.

To setup a complex room you would need to provide the following primitive attributes:

  • roomID - to determine one interior for multiple planes.

  • primbasis - to determine which primitive will be used to build a vector basis in case of multiple curved planes.



Subset of the input geometry to apply room frame computation.

Invert Group

Negates the sense of the input geomentry to compute room frame.

Window Mode

A mode how to setup geometry by Connected Primitives or by Attribute.

Primitive Attribute

In case if Window Mode is Attrbute then specific primitive attribute has to be created (id for example) to determine interiors by attribute.

Use Up Vector

Extra alignment of a vector basis along Y-axis, to have more stability in case if vertices order is mixed. If this toggle is disabled a vector basis computed based on vertices order purely.

Swap Utan/Vtan Vectors

Swap vectors directions.

Invert U

Invert tangentu direction.

Invert V

Invert tangentv direction.


Visualizes vectors and points attributes for debug purpose in viewport.


Float precision tolerance

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