Houdini 20.0 Nodes Geometry nodes

HeightField Copy Layer geometry node

Creates a copy of a height field or mask.

Since 16.0


Number of Copies

Define the number of layer copies you want to control through this node. Each copy provides a new parameter set. Remove all copies with Clear and use the +/- button to change their number.


The name of the layer to copy, for example height or mask.


The name of the layer to copy into. If this layer already exists and Replace existing is on, the node will copy over any existing data.

Copy Source Data

Copy the data from the source layer to the destination layer. If this is off, the node creates the destination layer but doesn’t copy the values from the source (the new layer is created with all values are set to 0).

Replace Existing

Copy source data over any existing destination data. If this is off and the destination layer already exists, the node will not copy the data.

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