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Exploded View 2.0 geometry node

Pushes geometry out from the center to create an exploded view.

Since 17.5

This operation pushes selected geometry out from the center. It does so piece-by-piece to create an exploded view of the geometry. This can be very useful in visualizing how fractured geometry was broken up.



The geometry to push outwards.

Piece Attribute

The name of a string or integer attribute. Elements with the same value of this attribute are treated as a piece. If the attribute does not exist, it will be computed based on connectivity.

Piece Elements

Specifies whether the pieces consist of primitives or points.

Centroid Method

Specifies how the centroid is computed.

Center of Mass

Computes the center of mass of the geometry in the same manner as the Bullet solver.

Bounding Box Center

Computes the center of the geometry’s bounding box.

Convex Hull Center

Computes the center of the points' convex hull. This is more expensive than the Bounding Box Center mode but can produce a more accurate result, particularly for point clouds where the points are not uniformly distributed.

Uniform Scale

The amount to expand the pieces. Each piece is moved proportionally to its distance to the center. A value of 1 will approximately double the size of the object. To undo an outwards scale of 1, an inwards scale of -0.5 can be used.


Non-uniform scaling along the XYZ axes. This is multiplied with the Uniform Scale to determine the direction and distance the pieces are moved by.

Override Center

The center to push pieces out from is normally computed as the center of the bounding box of the input. This parameter lets you override that choice.

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