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Voronoi Split geometry node

Cuts the geometry into small pieces according to a set of cuts defined by polylines.

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Since 11.0

Voronoi Split cuts geometry according to a set of polylines. Each line describes a cut along its mid point. Lines are best created with the Tetrahedralize SOP.

This is a utility SOP which is similar to the Voronoi Fracture SOP, but without any of the extra features. Voronoi Fracture should typically be used instead of Voronoi Split.



Subset of the input geometry to split.

Clip Points Group

Lines leaving these points will be used as clipping lines. Each point will correspond to a new piece.


Instead of cutting at the mid point, it is offset by this percentage along the line.

Create Interior Surfaces

The interior faces of cutting the polygons are created. This requires the input be a closed watertight manifold.

Transfer Attributes to Interior Surfaces

Transfers attributes from adjacent primitives when constructing the interior surfaces.

Stamp Pieces with Point Numbers

Creates attributes storing the original point number and piece number. This allows one to build a stable correspondence between your input points and the resulting polygons.

Weight Attribute

When enabled, the specified float attribute provides a “weight” for each point.


Specifies how the Weight Attribute is used to place the cutting planes.

Power Distance

The weight will be interpreted as the radius of a sphere centered at the point. The cutting plane will be placed at the point where the power with respect to both spheres is the same. This produces a power diagram . If the radii are equal, this results in a normal Voronoi diagram.


The cutting plane for each connected pair of points will be placed such that the ratio of the distances from each point will be the same as the ratio of the weights. The plane will be closer to points with smaller weight and farther from points with larger weight.


VoronoiSplitWeights Example for Voronoi Split geometry node

This example demonstrates using the Weight Attribute option on the Voronoi Split SOP to create a power diagram.

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