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Edge Divide geometry node

Inserts points on the edges of polygons and optionally connects them.

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This node allows you to specify the number of segments you want in the cut line, and whether or not the new points will be shared by the coincident edges.

Using EdgeDivide

  1. Select the edges you want to divide.

  2. Click the EdgeDivide tool on the Polygon tab.



Space separated list of edges on which to insert points.

This field will usually be filled in automatically when you use this operator in the viewer. However, you can also specify edges manually using the format pa-b, where a and b are point numbers with a common edge.

NOTE: If empty, no edges will be divided, differing from usual behavior.


The number of segments resulting from the original edge.

Apply To All Coincident Edges

If the edge is specified by primitive, this option toggles between whether or not the edge division will apply to all the edges that share the points. If the edge is specified by points, this option has no effect.

Share New Points

Toggles whether or not each coincident edge will get its own points, or if they will all share the new points.

Connect Points

Toggles whether or not the new points should be connected. The points are connected in the order that the edges are specified.

Close Path

Toggles whether or not the path traced out by the connected points should be closed. When a path is closed, the point on the last edge is connected to the point on the first edge. Since the connections are done with a minimum distance criteria, to get the desired results, the length of the path from the first edge to last edge should be smaller than the length of the rest of the path.


Tolerance used when performing geometric calculations.


EdgeDivideBasic Example for Edge Divide geometry node

This is a simple example of the different ways the EdgeDivide SOP is used to insert points on the edges of polygons.

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