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Color geometry node

Adds color attributes to geometry.

The color (Cd) attribute affects the display of the wireframe, and of faces in non-VEX shaded mode. The default shader in mantra, and many other shaders, will also use the attribute for rendering.

The added attribute may be a point, primitive, vertex, or detail color.


This is a Houdini Digital Asset and does not support local variables. To have different colors per element, see the other more advanced SOPs: /nodes/sop/point, Primitive, Vertex.



The geometry group to apply the color to.

Group Type

What the group is made of.


Where to add the attribute to the geometry.

Color Type

What sort of color to add. Can be one of:


The same color is applied to all of the group.

Bounding Box

A color gradient is applied depending on the position of the entity in the bounding box.


A random color is assigned to each group element.

Ramp from Attribute

An incoming attribute is remapped to color according to the provided ramp.


This is the color to apply when in Constant mode.


This is the random number seed for the Random mode.


The attribute to be remapped into color. If it is a single float, it is indexed directly into the ramp. If it is more than one float, each component is remapped independently.


The incoming range of valid attribute values. Attribute values within this range will be remapped to 0-1 for the ramp lookup, values outside will be clamped.

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