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Transform Pieces geometry node

Transforms input geometry according to transformation attributes on template geometry.

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Since 12.5

The Transform Pieces SOP can be used to transform input geometry according to transformation attributes on the template geometry, according to the rules and precedences described in Copy and Instancing operations . The template geometry to use for each piece of input geometry is determined by by attributes on the geometries and the Attribute Mode parameter.

This node can be used in combination with a DOP Import node in Create Points to Represent Objects mode to transform the results of a multi-piece RBD simulation.


Geometry to Transform

The geometry to transform.

Template Points

Input points whose attributes are used to transform the geometry.

Rest Points

Optional input points whose attributes define the rest space transform for each piece of input geometry. The input geometry will first be transformed to rest space using the inverse of this transform before any further transformations are applied. The number and order of these points must match the Template Points input.


Attribute Mode

Index by Attribute

The attribute is an integer that holds the template point number, and is used as an index into the template geometry.

Match by Attribute

The integer or string attribute is used to match input and template geometry with equal values.


The name of the attribute used for indexing or matching. This should be a point or primitive attribute.

Invert Transformation

Use the inverse of the transformation. This is the transformation which undoes the specified transformation for each piece. Two Transform Pieces SOPs with all parameters but this equal (and the same template points) will cancel out each other’s transformation.

Attributes to Transform

Point and vertex attributes that match this pattern will be transformed. Their Type Info will be used to determine how they should transform, as points, vectors, and normals all need different operations.

If P matches this string, then primitive transforms will also be rotated.

Point Velocities

Controls whether point velocities will be calculated for the geometry from this SOP, and the method of calculation. The instantaneous and integrated velocity calculations are described in Point Velocities.

Integrate Over Time

The time interval over which velocities are calculated when using the integrated point velocities calculation. This value should be set to a single frame time, or the duration of a single geometry segment when using multi-segment motion blur.

Copy Template Attributes

Copy attribute values from the template points to the transformed geometry points.

Attributes to Copy

The attributes to copy from the template points to the transformed geometry points.

Groups to Copy

The groups to copy from the template points to the transformed geometry points.


TransformFracturedPieces Example for Transform Pieces geometry node

This example demonstrates using the Transform Pieces SOP to transform high-resolution geometry from the results of a rigid body simulation that used low-resolution geometry.

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