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File Merge 2.0 geometry node

Reads and collates data from disk.

Since 19.0

This SOP allows you to select multiple files and loads them all at once into a single geometry. You can use a file chooser dialog to select a list of files, or use a range based method to select a series of numbered files.

The range based method makes it easy to reassemble the output of a distributed DOP simulation into a single piece of geometry.

To differentiate the file inputs we have the option to write a primitive file name or file path or index attributes.


List of Files

Single File Index

We will output a single entry from the list, with the given index.

Select Files

Opens a file chooser dialog where you can select multiple files.


A list of files to load.

Range of Files

File Pattern

The name of the file to read. It is important it has the keyword $SLICE in its name. This will be replaced by the merge number, independent of any current value of that variable.


This cannot be a channel reference or the $SLICE expansion will fail.

Index Variable

The variable name in the File Pattern that will be replaced by each number in the Range.

Merge Mode

Specify whether you want to input a custom range or a list of indices.

Custom Range

The $SLICE variable in the file name will be replaced by this sequence of numbers. The first is the start, the second the end, and the third the increment. For example, to load files 0..3 from disk, the value should be 0, 3, 1.

List of Indices

Enter a string pattern describing the indices you wish to load. Uses the syntax from group selection. Separate each index with a space or use a dash to get all values between two indices.

Delete Points from Other Files

Particle simulations store a particle slice attribute when distributed. Since particles will show up in more than one file, you will get duplicate particles if you just merge them all together. This option will delete any particles whose slice attribute doesn’t match the current merge number.

Load from File

See File


File Name Attrib

Writes the file name to the given primitive attribute.

File Path Attrib

Writes the file path to the given primitive attribute.

File Index Attrib

Writes the index the file was loaded from to the given primitive attribute.

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