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UV Fuse geometry node

Merges UVs.

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UV Fuse can fuse UV attributes based on their proximity to each other, and can position the fused UVs using a variety of methods. The effects of the UV Fuse operation are most visible when using the UV viewport.

One possible use for UV Fuse is to re-connect UV attributes along boundaries that were torn apart by the UV Unwrap node.

Using UV Fuse

  1. Select the UVs you want to fuse.

  2. Click the UV Fuse tool on the Texture tab.


This tool is often used with UV Unwrap.


UV Attribute

The name of the texture coordinate attribute to fuse, defaulting to uv.


Subset of geometry with UV attributes to fuse.

Group Type

The type of elements referenced in the Group field.


Positioning Method

How to set fused UV attributes.


Assign an average UV coordinate to groups of fused UV attributes.

First in Group

Assign the first UV coordinate to all other fused UV attributes.


Threshold distance for consolidation.


Measure of distance to use when fusing UV attributes.


Sets all UV attributes to a specific value.

Texture Coordinate

Value to assign to UV attributes when Manual is selected.


Snaps all UV attributes to a grid.

Grid Type

How to specify the grid size.

Grid Spacing

The number of units between each grid line/gridspacing

Grid Lines

The number of grid lines every unit

Grid Power 2

The same as gridlines, but a power of two is specified. This means a value of 7 means 128, and 9 means 512.

Grid Offset

A number from 0 to 1 which specifies what offset the grid should have from (0,0,0).

Grid Rounding

Which way points should snap to the grid.

Grid Tolerance

Maximum distance to move points to grid.

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