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USD Skin Import geometry node

Imports skinned geometry from a UsdSkel character.

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Since 18.5

This SOP imports geometry from any skinned primitives under a USD SkelRoot primitive. No deformation is performed, so the output contains rest geometry that is suitable as an input for the Joint Deform SOP or an agent primitive.

The boneCapture capture attribute is constructed from the primvars:skel:jointIndices and primvars:skel:jointWeights primvars on the USD primitive, along with attributes from the USD Skeleton primitive that the skinned primitive is bound to.

The usdprimpath primitive attribute contains the path of the source USD primitive.

The skeleton’s bind pose and animation can be imported using USD Animation Import or the higher-level USD Character Import.



Specifies whether the source USD stage is from a LOP node or USD file on disk.

LOP Path

Specifies the path to a LOP node. The geometry will be imported from the USD stage output by this node.

USD File

The path to a USD file on disk.

SkelRoot Primitive Path

The path of a SkelRoot primitive in the USD stage. If the path is empty, the first SkelRoot prim in the stage will be used.


Sections of a USD hierarchy can be marked to be used for a specific purpose. Only sections marked as the default purpose or one of the specified purposes will be traversed when unpacking the USD packed primitives.

Shape Name Attribute

Creates a primitive string attribute that partitions the primitives into different named shapes. The names are generated using the relative path from the SkelRoot Primitive Path to the source skinned USD primitive.


Rest Mesh

The character’s rest geometry.

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