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HeightField Erode Precipitation geometry node

Distributes water along a heightfield. Offers controls for adjusting the intensity, variability, and location of rainfall.

Since 17.0




The intensity of rainfall. Higher values correspond to more rainfall. Negative values simulate evaporation.


Controls whether to use a mask for rain amount or not.

Amount Mask

The name of the rain amount mask.


The fraction of voxels that will receive rainfall.

Expand Radius

Use this parameter to expand the radius of each raindrop to cover more cells. This produces larger drops, which could make the incisions on the terrain more sparse and increase their width.

Blur Radius

Random Seed

Random seed to make erosion vary for the same set of variables on the same input.

Layer Bindings

Height Layer

A layer whose values represent height of the height field. This layer is not modified by this node.

Water Layer

A layer whose values represent water depth. This layer is modified by this node.

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