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APEX Control Extract geometry node

Extracts APEX rig controls to a KineFX skeleton.

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Since 20.0
This feature is still under development. The current functionality is unfinished and subject to change, and may have thin or no documentation. Please bear this in mind when using it.

This node extracts the desired controls (TransformObject nodes) from an APEX rig graph and generates a new APEX graph that is piped into an APEX Control Update Parms SOP. In the APEX Control Update Parms SOP, the new APEX graph takes in world space transforms and outputs a set of TRS parameters that can be used to run the original rig.

This node is normally used together with an APEX Control Update Parms SOP. See the animation workflow for examples of how to use this node.


Extract From Folder

When turned on, the input APEX graph is unpacked from the path specified in Graph Geometry Path. This is useful when connecting geometry containing either a full APEX scene or a collection of character elements. See the packed character format for more information on the different types of character data containers.

Graph Geometry Path

When Extract From Folder is turned on, this is the packed folder path from which to unpack the APEX graph.


The path pattern for choosing the controls to extract from the APEX graph.

Constraint Input Source

Specifies the style of the Control Constraint Graph output.

Control Skeleton

The generated APEX graph (Control Constraint Graph output) takes as input a skeleton with joint names matching those on the Control Skeleton output.


The generated APEX graph (Control Constraint Graph output) takes in Matrix4 inputs with names corresponding to the control names specified in the Group parameter.

Layout Nodes

When turned on, performs a basic node layout of the generated APEX graph.



The geometry containing the APEX graph with the controls to extract.


Control Constraint Graph

An APEX graph that is ready to be run with the controls' updated world space transforms.

Control Skeleton

A KineFX skeleton representing the control hierarchy extracted from the input APEX graph.

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