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Enumerate geometry node

Sets an attribute on selected points or primitives to sequential numbers or strings.

Since 12.5

This node sets an attribute on each point or primitive in the selected Group sequentially (for example, it would set the attribute on the first point in the group to 0, the second point in the group to 1, and so on). This differs from the built-in point/primitive number because this node only sets the attribute for points/primitives in the selected group.



The group to set the attribute on.

Group Type

Whether the group contains primitives, points, or vertices.

Piece Attribute

The name of a string or integer attribute. This can be a point, primitive (face), or vertex attribute. Elements with the same value in the attribute are considered part of the same piece. When this is a valid attribute, each piece is enumerated according to the Mode.


Specifies how this node enumerates the elements in separate pieces (when using Piece Attribute).

Enumerate Piece Elements

Assign sequential numbers to each element, for each separate piece.

Enumerate Pieces

Assign the same number to each element, for each separate piece. This can be useful if the pieces are defined by a string attribute (such as name or path) and you want to define the pieces by a unique integer instead.


The name of the attribute in which to store the index.


Specifies whether to create an integer or string attribute.


When Type is String, this prefix is combined with the index to produce the string value for each element.

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