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Wireframe geometry node

Constructs polygonal tubes around polylines, creating renderable geometry.

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The Wireframe operation converts edges to tubes and points to spheres, creating the look of a wire frame structure in rendering.

Wireframe works only with polygons and/or particles as input.


  • Use the Poly Wire SOP to create more complex tube geometry from curves, with smoother bends and intersections than Wireframe, especially for L-systems.

  • Use the Convert Line SOP to create a line segment for each edge in incoming polygons.

  • Use the Ends SOP set to Unwrap U to open each of the closed polygons into an open curve that includes the start and end points.



Subset of geometry to convert.

Wire Radius

Radius of individual wires used in construction.

Scale Attrib

A float point attribute that will be multiplied with the wire radius to set the radius of the wire.

Round Corners

Places spheres at locations of points.


Places endcaps on tube geometry.

Remove Polygons

Removes the original geometry.

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