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HeightField Cutout by Geometry geometry node

Creates a cutout on a terrain based on geometry.

Since 17.5

The Alpha layer of a terrain can be used to cutout a non-rectangular shape for display. The cutout occurs at a 0.5, but some care should be taken to ensure the value varies smoothly to avoid a wavy cutout.

This node converts the geometry into a matching resolution VDB, if it is not already a VDB, and then sets the Alpha layer to be displayed if it is inside the object.


Cutting Options


Set Alpha to one outside of the object rather than inside.


How to merge with any existing Alpha. If no layer exists, a layer of value 1 will be created.


Ignore previous values.


Minimum of the two values, so only present where both are present.


Maximum of the two values, so present where either are present.


Minimum of the old value an complement of the new value - this will bite out the new geometry from the previous cutout.

Crop to Bounds

Adjusting the Alpha layer is purely a visual effect - the terrain will continue to exist over all the clipped values. When cropping is enabled, the terrain will be shrunk to the smallest rectangular region that is active.

Layer Bindings

Alpha Layer

Which layer to apply the cut out changes. The standard visualizers will use Alpha for clipping.

Height Layer

Which layer to use for height computation. To find if a voxel is inside the geometry, it has be lifted from the ground plane by the height value.

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