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HeightField Resample geometry node

Changes the resolution of a height field.

Since 16.0


Specify Exact Resolution

Specify the exact resolution to resample to. If this is off, you specify a scaling factor for the current resolution.

Resolution Scale

When Specify exact resolution is off, the scaling factor to apply to the current resolution.

Division Mode

When Specify exact resolution is on, whether the specify the resolution by number of grid points or by size.

By Axis

Takes the longest axis of the current area and divides it by the number of samples in the Grid samples parameter, then resamples using that grid spacing.

By Size

Resample the volume using grid points spaced according to the Grid spacing parameter.

Grid Samples

When Division mode is “by axis”, the number of grid points the resampled volume should have along the longest axis.

Grid Spacing: Grid spacing is the space in meters between grid points.


The 2D filter to use to interpolate the resampled values. Different filters might give various blurring or sharpening effects in the output.

Filter Scale

How much effect the filter will have on the output. High values can give more blurring, depending on the filter type.

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