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Labs Sine Wave geometry node

Deforms a mesh based on a sine wave curve

Sine Waves are a very common way of animating objects. Flags, Fishes, Waves, Flags, and many other objects can be cheapily animated by just running a sine wave through them.

This saves you from diving into a pointWrangle and setting up a bunch of expressions

The node lets you specify the primary direction of the sine wave, and then allows you to control two separate waves on moving on the other 2 axis. Generally speaking the second item is the one you probably want to edit as it’s perpendicular to the axis you chose, while the first one is tangential.



Localize the operation to a subset of the geometry

Group Type

Specify the type of geometry to be isolated

Mask Attribute

Option to attenuate the effect based on an attribute, commonly done with a vertex color


What is the primary axis of the effect.


How fast the wave is moving (tangent, perpendicular). Remember to turn on the realtime Toggle on your playbar to see the correct motion.


Optional shift on the sine wave in order to not have several on the same cadence. (tangent, perpendicular)


Strength (Amplitude) of the wave (tangent, perpendicular).


How closely together are the humps of the curve (tangent, perpendicular).

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