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Labs Vector Field Export geometry node

Export a vector field, compatible with Unreal Engine.

Vector Fields can be used to drive particles in Unreal. The ROP exports a compatible fga file that stores a velocity field.


The tool is built to export Houdini volumes, and will auto-convert VDB to native volumes. It is however recommended to do this yourself for maximum control.


Output File

The path to the generated fga file.

Input Type


Use a volume with vel fields as the input.


Use a point cloud with the attribute v as the input.

Velocity Volumes

Set the field from the input volume to be used for export. Generally this is vel.*

Velocity Attribute

Set the attribute from the input point cloud to be used for export.

Override Resolution

If the input is a volume, the resulting resolution of the vector field can be changed. Remember, larger resolution require more memory and degrade performance at runtime.

Sampling Divs

Set the resolution of the resulting vector field when using a point cloud as the input.


See the resulting vector field in the viewport.

Trail Count

Set the number of trails that should be generated for the visualization. This does not affect the exported resolution.

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