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Attribute Remap geometry node

Fits an attribute’s values to a new range.

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Since 18.0

The Attribute Remap operator shifts and scales float attribute values to fit a new range. A ramp can be used to further customize the mapping.



A subset of components in the input geometry whose attribute value will be remapped. Leave this blank to affect the attribute value for all components in the input.

Group Type

What the group is made of.


What class of geometry attributes to modify.

Original Name

This is the name of the attribute in the input geometry.

New Name

If not blank, the original attribute will not be modified and this parameter specifies the name of the remapped attribute.

Input Min

The lowest value in the input to map from.

Compute Range

Click to fill in the Input Min and Input Max parameters with the current minimum and maximum values of the attribute.

Input Max

The highest value in the input to map from.

Output Min

The new minimum value in the output to map to.

Output Max

The new maximum value in the output to map to.

Out of Range Values

How to transform values outside the given input range.

Roll Cyclically

Repeat the ramp endlessly forward and backward.

Clamp to Edge Value

Use the first value in the ramp for values less than the range, and the last value in the ramp for values greater than the range.

Linearly Extrapolate

Linearly extrapolate output range, ignoring the ramp.

Use Ramp

Use a ramp for more precise control of the mapping.


Modify this ramp to use a custom remapping instead of just a linear remap.


RampRemap Example for Attribute Remap geometry node

Attribute Remap gives you complete control over your float type attributes mapping them to any range you wish. Great for shrinking the range down, up, linearizing them or cyclically repeating the attribute across it’s original range. You can map any input range to an output range. This gives you familiar control to the reamp VOP or fit() vex functions in an artist friendly manner. A bonus ramp is added for finer shaping of the results. Works great to remap noise.

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