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Error geometry node

Generates a message, warning, or error, which can show up on a parent asset.

Since 16.0

This node passes through the input geometry unchanged, but optionally generates a message, warning or error. If this node cooks inside an asset, the errors generated by this node will naturally propagate up to the asset, letting you signal problems to the asset user. In order for the user to see the cause of the error, or to see warnings or messages generated by this node, add this node to the list of Message Nodes specified in the asset properties.

For example, say you have a parameter that generates unusable results if it goes above 10. You could wire an Error node into the network, and set it to generate a warning with the Report this error parameter set to an expression such as:

../mynode/myparm > 10


Number of Errors

The number of notices to evaluate.

Error Message

The text to show to the user when this notice is active. If this is an empty string, the notice is not reported.


What kind of feedback this notice is. A “message” only shows up in the node info window. A “warning” shows a badge on the node and warning text in the node info, but allows cooking to continue. An “error” prevents cooking subsequent nodes, and displays a prominent badge on the node and error text in the node info. Error should only be used for problems that the network can’t recover from.

Report This Error

If this expression evaluates to a non-zero value, the node reports this message/warning/error.

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