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Magnet geometry node

Deforms geometry by using another piece of geometry to attract or repel points.

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The “magnetic field” of influence of the “magnet” geometry is defined by a metaball field. It allows the creation of animated bumps and dents within objects, and other special effects.

The actual deformation comes from the Translates of the Magnet op, and not from the metaball. The metaball defines the area of effect for the Translates of the Magnet op. The weight of the metaball determines the effectiveness of the Translates within the magnet op.


Deform Group

Geometry to deform.

Magnet Group

Magnets to use for the deformation.

Deform Group Type

Type of geometry specified in Deform Group.


Transform Order

Order in which transformations occur.

Rotate Order

Order in which rotations occur.


Translation caused by the magnet.


Rotation caused by the magnet.


Scaling caused by the magnet.


Local pivot point of the magnet.


Affect Position

Geometry is deformed.

Affect Point Color

Point colors are altered by the magnet.

Clamp Color

The point color RGB values are clamped to [0, 1] interval.

Affect Point Normal

Reorients point normals of the source.

Affect Point Velocity

Alters the velocity of the source points.


MagnetBubbles Example for Magnet geometry node

This example shows the use of the Magnet SOP, and illustraites its ability to deform geometry.

The Magnet SOP works by using the Density Field of a Metaball as a Magnetic Influence Field on a piece of geometry. The degree to which the Magnetic Field effects the surface it is deforming is based on the distance of that surface to the center of the Metaball.

Here, the Metaballs have been attached to a moving particle system which bounce across a plane. The Metaballs also interact with the plane, causing it to bubble upward as their Fields intersect the surface.

MagnetDistortion Example for Magnet geometry node

This example demonstrates some of the various ways to use the Magnet SOP.

It can be used to affect point position, point color, point normals, and velocity.

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