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Shrinkwrap 2.0 geometry node

Computes the convex hull of the input geometry and moves its polygons inwards along their normals.

Since 14.5

The Shrinkwrap SOP computes the convex hull of the input points, and shifts the resulting polygons along their normals to shrink or grow the shape. This algorithm is also used by the Bullet solver to build convex hull collision shapes.



The points to use when computing the convex hull.


Specifies whether to compute a 3D convex hull, or a 2D convex hull after projecting the points into a plane. The result of a 2D convex hull is a single polygon.

Plane Origin

Origin of the projection plane used when computing a 2D convex hull.

Plane Distance

Distance to translate the projection plane along its normal.

Plane Direction

The normal vector of the projection plane for the 2D convex hull.

Shrink Amount

After computing the convex hull, each polygon will be shifted inward by this amount. A negative value will expand the convex hull outward.

Preserve Attributes and Groups

Transfers attributes and groups from the input geometry to the convex hull’s points.

Remove Inline Points

Remove points from polygons if they lie on the line connecting the previous and next point. Shrinking by a positive amount may introduce inline points.

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