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Group Combine geometry node

Combines point groups, primitive groups, or edge groups according to boolean operations.

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Since 16.0


Group Combine creates new groups that are the boolean combination of existing groups or ad hoc pattern groups.


Source geometry

The geometry on which to create the groups.


Number of Combines

The number of groups to create via combination rules.

Group Type

The type of group on which to operate. While it can usually be determined from the given groups, this parameter is useful to resolve ambiguous cases.

Group Name

This section allows you to create a new group out of existing groups. Enter the group to operate on or create in the first field and the name of the existing group in the field on the other side of the buttons. You can either include the contents of the other group by selecting Equals or everything that is not the other group by selecting Equals All But. Use the fields below to combine additional groups.

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