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RBD Disconnected Faces geometry node

Detects when connected faces have become separated.

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Since 18.0

This SOP determines if connected faces have become separated. It stores the result as an attribute or deletes connected/disconnected faces.

Resolving issues with glass fracturing

A common issue with glass fracturing occurs when you have interior faces with detail in pieces of glass that haven’t broken apart. This can cause problems in rendering, since it’s a transparent surface. To resolve these types of issues, you can apply a RBD Connected Faces SOP after fracturing. This node will record the primitive number and distance to the opposite face on the inside faces of the fractured geometry. You can then use this information to decide whether or not to dissolve any interior faces on pieces that haven’t broken apart by using the Delete Connected mode on the RBD Disconnected Faces SOP.



The primitives in the geometry to search for disconnected faces.

Attribute Type

The attribute type the connected primitive number and distance are stored as.

Face Attribute

The name of the attribute storing the connected primitive number.

Use Face Name

When enabled, the Face Name Attribute is used to identify target primitives and the Face Attribute is used as a relative index within those primitives. This helps identify the correct connected face when prim indices change through merging or unpacking geometry.

Face Name Attribute

The name of the attribute storing the connected primitive’s name.

Distance Attribute

The name of the attribute storing the distance between primitive centers.

Distance Threshold

Distance threshold beyond which 2 connected faces are determined to have separated.


Create Attribute

Stores the disconnected state as a primitive attribute.

Delete Connected

Deletes connected faces.

Delete Disconnected

Deletes disconnected faces.

Disconnected Attribute

The name of the attribute to store the disconnected state of the primitives.

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