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Labs Edge Smooth 1.0 geometry node

Smooth an edge-group found in input geometry.

This tool will smooth the specified input edge groups and relax the surrounding points. It can often be used together with Cluster SOP or Labs Random Selection SOP to create stylized models or FX patterns.



Edge-groups or a selection of edges to be smoothed.

Include Unshared Edges

Automatically detect and smooth unshared edges.

Edge Smoothing


The amount of smoothing to be applied to the edges.

Filter Quality

Higher values preserve finer details from the original mesh. Lower values are faster and smooth more.

Neighbor Smoothing

Neighbor Range

The number of steps to be made from the original edge group when deciding which neighbors should be smoothed.


The amount of smoothing steps to be applied to the neighbors.

Show Guide

Visualize the edge-groups that have been smoothed. Visualized in green.

Show Original

Visualize the original edge-groups that have been smoothed. Visualized in red.

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