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Channel Primitives from MotionClip geometry node

Generates a collection of channel primitives from a MotionClip geometry.

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Since 20.0
This feature is still under development. The current functionality is unfinished and subject to change, and may have thin or no documentation. Please bear this in mind when using it.

This node adds a set of keyframes for every pose in the MotionClip input. The keyframes are added on the channels corresponding to those listed in the parms dictionary detail attribute on each pose of the MotionClip.


This node is normally used in conjunction with an APEX Control Update Parms SOP, and relies on the parms detail attribute being present on each pose of the MotionClip. The parms detail attribute is created by the APEX Control Update Parms SOP, which outputs a KineFX skeleton with the parms attribute. This skeleton is then piped into a MotionClip SOP, which in turn is connected to a Channel Primitives from MotionClip SOP.

See the animation workflow for examples of how to use this node.


Channel Primitives In

Existing set of channel primitives.


The MotionClip for which keyframes are added for each pose.


Channel Primitives Out

Channel primitives with keyframes added for every pose in the MotionClip input, in addition to the channels in the Channel Primitives input.

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