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Mirror geometry node

Duplicates and mirrors geometry across a mirror plane.

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The Mirror Operation duplicates and mirrors geometry. If the point normal attribute exists, it is also mirrored for each point. Quadrics are also supported.

Using Mirror

Mirror works at both the Scene and Geometry levels.

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Mirror at the Scene level

At the Scene level, the Mirror tool creates new mirror duplicates of the selected objects. You can use the controls in the operation controls toolbar (across the top of the viewer) to automatically rename the objects as you duplicate them, for example r_arm is mirrored as l_arm.

This is useful for rigging one side of a character and then duplicating the Bones to the other side.

  1. Select the object(s) you want to mirror.

  2. Click the Mirror tool on the Modify tab.

  3. Select a plane in which to mirror the object from the drop-down menu on the operation controls toolbar.

Mirror at the Geometry level

At the Geometry level, the tool creates a Mirror surface node which mirrors the selected geometry.

  1. Select the curves and/or surfaces you want to mirror.

  2. Click the Mirror tool on the Modify tab.

  3. Use the handles to move and rotate the symmetry plane.



Primitives to mirror


Origin of mirror plane


Distance of mirror plane along its normal


Normal direction of mirror plane

Reverse Normals

Reverses the normals of the mirrored geometry. Reverse U and Reverse V options apply only to mesh-type primitives (such as NURBS surfaces for example).

Keep Original

Preserves the input geometry. If unchecked, only the selected geometry will remain.

Consolidate Seam

Consolidates points along the mirror. New points are only consolidated with their mirrored counterpart.

Only Consolidate Unshared Edges

When enabled, only unshared edges along the mirror plane will be consolidated with their mirrored counterpart.

Create Output Group

When enabled, mirror primitives will be placed in an output group.

Output Group

Name of the group in which to place the mirror primitives.


MirrorSpout Example for Mirror geometry node

This example demonstrates how to mirror geometry using the Mirror SOP.

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