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Surface Deform geometry node

Deforms points using a polygon surface.

This node computes how a polygon mesh deforms compared to its original rest point positions, and applies those deformations to the input geometry. Each point in the first input is deformed by the point closest to it on the rest deformer.



The group of points to deform.


Capture and Deform

The node will perform both a capture point and deform operation.


The node will perform only a capture point operation. This is intended for some customization of the weights prior to deforming.


The node will perform only a deform operation. In this mode, the capture attributes (prim and primuv`) are expected to be found in the input geometry.


Piece Attribute

Specifies the name of a string or integer point attribute to use to treat the geometry as separate pieces. The attribute must be present on all inputs. Points with the same value in this attribute are considered part of the same piece. When you specify a valid piece attribute, this node deforms each piece using only the lattice points with the same piece value. This lets you deform independent objects (pieces) in a single pass.


Treat Deformer as Subdivision Surface

Control whether the deformer geometry should be treated as a subdivision surface. When enabled, the deformer geometry is interpreted as a subdivision surface, resulting in a smoother deformation.

Attributes to Transform

The attribute to be transformed by the deformer.

Compute Velocity

Compute velocity from linear and angular velocity (v and w) on the deformer.


Delete Capture Attributes

Delete capture attributes (prim and primuv by default) after deformation.

Primitive Attribute

The attribute storing the index of the closest prim on the deformer.

Primitive UV Attribute

The attribute storing the coordinates within the closest prim on the deformer.

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