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Bone Link geometry node

Creates default geometry for Bone objects.

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This SOP is automatically created along with Bone Objects to create the bone geometry that appears in the viewer.


Pack Bone

Use a packed disk primitive for the bone link. This enables instanced drawing of bones which can greatly improve animation performance.


When the custom link geometry input is connected, and Pack Bone is enabled, this gives the geometry a unique name so it can be globally instanced. Different link geometry should have different names, and link geometry that is the same should share names (like customspinegeo1 or cheekbone).

Show Proxy Geometry

If set to 1, proxy geometry is created using the Proxy Geometry input.

Proxy Scale

This scales the proxy geometry when shown.

Show Capture Region

If set to 1, capture region geometry is created using the Capture Regions input.

Extra Snap Points

Allows extra points to be added for snapping, which is especially useful when the bone is packed (see Pack Bone, above). A packed bone will already have a point at its root, but the points in the packed geometry itself cannot be used as snap targets.


Proxy Geometry

This input’s geometry will be used if the Show Proxy Geometry parameter is set to 1.

Capture Regions

This input’s geometry will be used if the Show Capture Region parameter is set to 1. This input is typically connected by a Capture Region SOP.

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