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Agent Transform Group geometry node

Adds new transform groups to agent primitives.

Since 16.0

This node adds new transform groups to the agent definition, which are a named subset of the transforms in the agent’s rig. Transform groups can be used to apply animation clips to part of the agent’s skeleton (such as with the Agent Clip Layer DOP). See Crowd Agents for more information.


Transform Groups


The agents to modify.

Transform Groups

The number of transform groups to create.


Specifies the name used to identify the transform group. All transform groups in an agent definition must have unique names.

Root Transforms

Specifies a list or pattern of transform names. Each transform and its children will be added to the group.

Blend into Group

Gradually increase the transforms' weights, beginning from the Root Transforms. This can be used to produce a smoother blend near the boundary when overriding part of the skeleton with a clip. When disabled, each transform in the group will have a weight of 1.


Specifies the number of transforms to blend over when Blend into Group is enabled.

Transform Weights

Controls the weights of the transforms within the region specified by the Depth parameter.

Extra Transforms

Specifies a list or pattern of transform names to add to the group.


Specifies a list or pattern of channel names to add to the group.

Filter Channels by Transforms

Omits any channels for which the associated transform is not in the group. Channels can optionally be associated with a specific transform in the rig.

Show Guide Geometry

Display guide geometry indicating the transforms contained in the group.



Adjusts the size of the guide geometry.

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