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Guide Transfer geometry node

Transfer hair guides between geometries.

Since 16.0

This operator allows you to transfer a set of hair guides to a new skin geometry. Using the UV-based transfer method, this is possible even if the skin geometries are in different locations and have different topology.



Match Method

Direct (Matching Topology)

Assumes identical topology between the source and target skin geometry.

Use UV

Transfers guides based on UV coordinates. This makes it possible transfer between skin geometries with differing topology.

Attribute Class

The class of the UV attribute (Point or Vertex).

UV Attribute

The name of the UV attribute.


Deform Guides

Blends between two different transfer methods. At 0 guides are transformed from the root, at 1 guides are deformed using the Point Deform SOP.


The radius used by the deform method (used when Deform Guides) is not 0.

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