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The Guide Flowmap modifies a flowmap based on a guide curve.

The Guide Flowmap tool takes a flowmap as its primary input, and a guide curve as its second input. The tool will then modify the flowmap based on the provided curve and settings. This is a very powerful procedural approach to creating flowmaps independent of the flowmap resolution.



Controls the intensity of the effect of guide on the already existing flowmap.

Effect Width

This is the base influence distance. Any points closer than the Effect Width value will receive full influence by the guide curve.


This falloff allows you to create a gradient falloff beyond the Effect Width distance. A convenient way to smooth the edges of the guide curve influence.

Guide Sample Count

This controls the number of samples takes from the guide curve. A higher value means higher precision values.

Reverse Direction

This allows you to reverse the direction of the provided guide curve influence, without having to modify the incoming curve in any way.

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