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Labs Trace PSD File 2.0 geometry node

Generates Curves from Photoshop File Layers

Wrapper around the Trace SOP that works with PSD files with multiple layers.

It is designed to generate Curves from Images that come from layers from a Photoshop file.



Path to the Photoshop (PSD) File

Reload PSD

Refresh the Photoshop File

Layers To Extract

Number of Layers to Process

Layer Parameters

Layer Name

Name of the Layer to be extracted (case sensitive)

Brightness Threshold

Controls the point at which to start considering data eligible for the curve


Resample Step

Distance in resampling the Curve

Inline Point Threshold

Tolerance for removing inline points

Shrink UVs

Shrink the UVs on the curves in order to better sample the interior colors of the image. Sometimes the curves can sit too close to the border and the UVs pick out the color of the background.


Optionally also Shrink or Expand the shape itself.


Distance of how much to shrink or expand the shape

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