Houdini 20.0 Nodes Geometry nodes

Point Generate geometry node

Creates new points, optionally based on point positions in the input geometry.

Since 12.5

This node has several modes of operation.



The point group in the input geometry from which to generate points. Leave this blank to use all points in the input.

Keep Original Geometry

Do not delete the original input points.

Compute Number of Points

Ignore Number of points and instead base the number of generated points on the number of input points using Points per point. This is only available when the node’s input is connected.

Number of Points

The total number of points to generate. This is ignored when Compute number of points is turned on.

Points Per Point

The number of points to generate for each input point, when Compute number of points is turned on. This can be modified by the Generate from attribute parameter.

Generate From Attribute

The name of a point attribute. If Compute Number of Points is turned on, this attribute will act as a per-point scale on the Points Per Point parameter. If Compute Number of Points is turned off, the attribute value should be in the range 0-1 and is the probability that an input point will generate a new output point.

Random Seed

The random seed to use when generating points.

Generated Points Group

The name of a group to add the generated points to.

Point Number Attribute

For each generated point, the node will store the original point number in this attribute.

Point Index Attribute

Stores the index number of the generated point in this attribute.

For example, if 20 points are generated from a particular input point, this value will range from 0 to 19 on the generated points.

Copy Source Attributes

Copy attributes from the input points to the generated points.

Source Attributes

Only copy attributes whose names match this pattern. The default * copies all attributes. You can replace this with a list of attribute names, for example v pscale age.

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