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Joint Capture Proximity geometry node

Supports Joint Deform by assigning capture weights to points based on distance to joints.

Since 19.0

The closer the rest geometry point is to the line in between joints in the capture pose (second) input, the stronger the weight will be assigned.

This node is typically used for geometry that is not fully closed and provides a starting for further painting using the Capture Layer Paint SOP. For closed rest geometry, it is recommended to use the Joint Capture Biharmonic SOP instead.

This operation does not visibly change the geometry (except to possibly add point colors for feedback). To actually change the geometry to the animated pose input, Joint Deform SOP node.



Optional point group on the rest geometry to capture.

Capture Group

Optional point group of joints from the second input to use for capturing.

Weighting Method

Specifies whether joints captured by a point need to be connected in the capture pose skeleton.

Weight From

Weight from either the point location or surface location (for NURBS or Bezier surfaces).

Drop Off

Specifies the strength of the capturing. Larger values will usually mean that more points are captured.

Max. Influences

Specifies the maximum number of joints that any point will be captured to.

Do Blend

Enable blending of the result with the existing capture weights from the skin geometry input.

Blend Factor

When enabled, the blend factor used to blend the result with the input capture weights.

Normalize Weights

Adjusts the capture weights so they add up to one for every point.

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