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Guide Collide With VDB geometry node

Resolves collisions of guide curves with VDB signed distance fields.

Since 16.0



Controls the overall effect.

Visualize Masks

Visualize the mask value.

Curve Mask

Use Curve Mask

Controls the effect of operations along the length of each curve.

Enables the curve mask. All other parameters are hidden when this is disabled.

Range In Absolute Length

When enabled the range parameters below operate in world units.

Range Min

The position along the curve where the effect of the ramp starts. Curve points before this position use the first value of the ramp.

Range Max

The position along the curve where the effect of the ramp ends. Curve points after this position use the last value of the ramp.


The parameters below quickly change the overall shape of the curve to achieve often needed effects, like affecting only roots or tips. Changing any of them modifies the ramp and replaces any manual edits on it.

Effect Position

Sets the position where the curve is affected most. The root is at 0 and the tip at 1.


High values result in wide, bell-shaped ramp. Low values in a pointy shape.

Influence Width

Scales the falloff handles around the effect position for additional control.

Curve Mask Ramp

Controls the curve mask directly.

Source Mode

Groom Object

Load the groom from a groom object.

Groom File

Load the groom from a file.

Groom Object

Load the groom data from this source object.

Groom File

Load the groom data from this file.

Collision Resolution

Collide With Skin

Resolve collisions with the Skin VDB in addition to any VDBs from the 4th input.

Surface Offset

Offset the isosurface of the VDB volumes.

Push Range

In addition to resolving curves that penetrate the skin, push curves within this distance of the VDB away from the surface.

Push Amount

Push curves by this distance.

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