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Labs GoZ Import geometry node

Contains GoZ data sent from Zbrush

GoZ is Zbrush’s built in system for sending data between Zbrush and 3rd party software using the GoZ file format.

The GameDev tools implements a file format plugin, which enables the File SOP to read GoZ files. But there is also a bridge mechanism to trigger the loading of the files and the possibility of sending multiple files at once.

This import node is the result of the GoZ action being initiated from the Zbrush side. The import node will be generated, load the GoZ file and then locks itself.

For more info on the whole workflow, take a look at the Export node’s documentation


This node should never be placed down manually, it is automatically generated when initiated from Zbrush.


If you're failing to send data from Zbrush to Houdini, you might need to open the GoZ port in Houdini, you can do this by dropping a GoZ Import or Export nodes, or click on the Start GoZ button in the GameDev shelf.


GoZ only sends the lowest subdivision level of the mesh, if you would like to export higher subdivisions you’ll need to delete the lower subdivisions.



Refresh the latest GoZ transfer in case something went wrong.

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