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Labs UV Transfer 1.1 geometry node

Transfer uv’s between a source and target geometry.

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Transferring uv’s is a surprisingly non-trivial task. It’s ok if you’re working with identical geometry, but any other circumstance it’s easy to get a tangled mess.

The uv transfer sop employs a variety of tricks under the hood (working per uv shell, carefully working with uv borders, measuring area), to give clean and resilient uv transfers.

The following gif shows a common use case; shapes that are similar (a high and low res pig), the low res mesh has no uv’s and needs them transferred from the high-res. You can see a default attrib transfer fails, but the uv transfer sop works successfully.


UV Attribute

The vertex UV attribute to operate on.

Border Fuse Tolerance

Determines how agressive to fuse border point UVs.

Transfer Material

Transfers shop_materialpath from source to target.


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